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The Mitford Girls

Introducing the chooks, AKA The Mitford Girls!

I am actually properly beside myself with them as they are absolutely gorgeous black birds, with inky legs and talons (except for the one rogue brown one; more on her later), quite petite, and really lovely. (This doesn’t mean I’m not still completely terrified of them; I managed to take ownership without touching a single one of them as I was far too nervous.)

When they arrived this morning there were six rather than five, which is perfect, as it means more eggs once they start laying. And, more importantly, it means there is the same number of them as there were Mitford Girls. For those who haven’t heard of the Mitfords (and if you haven’t you should race down to your local bookshop and order all the books both about and by them), they are my without-a-doubt favorite nutter family of all time. There were six girls and one boy, born into the British aristocracy, and they were all completely bonkers.


The Mitford family.


Two became Nazis and moved to Germany to be closer to Hitler, one lived in Paris and had a life-long affair with a married man, one became obsessed with animals, and another ran off to Spain as a teenager and became a communist.

So my girls are now each named after the Mitford Girls. The one brown one is Unity, after the sister who was so in love with the Fuhrer that she shot herself in the head in protest of his bad rap just before WWII (I told you they were bonkers.). As she’s the only brown one and therefore the rogue element, it suits her down to the ground. The biggest black one is Diana, the one who, after she was a Nazi married famed fascist Oswald Mosley, and spent the war in prison, away from her children, because she believe so keenly in Fascism.

Unity and Diana in the coop.

The others are Pam, Debo, Jessica, and the prettiest chook is named Nancy, after the chicest of the Mitfords.

Nancy's fabulous feathers.

They’ve all gone into the coop on the other side of the farm, along with my neighbour’s six chooks.  At the moment, they’re on ‘no speakers’ (a Miford-ism) with their new cellmates, and are huddling together on the perch looking a bit shell shocked, but I’m assured that in a few days they will have settled in and will all be getting on famously. I’ll let you know how they get on.


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  1. What about Bobbo?? which one was that a nick name for I forget? was it Unity? Hilirious!! PS: I am currently reading ‘In pursuit of Love’ by Nancy Mitford. It’s great!

    January 8, 2012
    • Yes, Bobo was Unity. Two days in my Unity is looking very grumpy still. Let’s hope she peps up before too long.

      January 8, 2012
      • Perhaps if you don a stubby black moustache she’ll come around!

        January 9, 2012
  2. Ngaire #

    Love the names. I have read some of the books about and by the Mitfords but hearing about them again has made me want to read the ones I haven’t yet read. Must log onto the library and see what they have got.

    January 9, 2012
    • See if you can get the book of letters between the girls. SO good.

      January 9, 2012

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