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All Cooped Up

The Mitford Girls are so badly behaved that they really don’t deserve any treats, let alone a fancy pants house. But my dear friend Janey thought of them the other day when she saw this.

Suffice to say, it’s one smooth looking coop and it would look amazing on my lawn. But it would be wasted on Nancy and the other girls. It would be like giving me a brand new, $300,000  car. I don’t deserve it, wouldn’t know what to do with it, and would end up ruining it by leaving the windows down in a thunderstorm or smashing into the sidewalk while trying to parallel park.

So, for now, the chooks can stay up the tree, or in the dog kennel. If they ever start to lay, I’ll reconsider. (That’s a lie. I won’t) Meanwhile, here’s a pic of me and Janey in the Big Apple, a million miles away from chicken coops and the Mitford Girls.

Me and Janey (and her disco tambourine) in Brooklyn.


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