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Book Ends

My book comes out next month. Remember that book I worked like a lunatic on last year? Yeah that one…

It’s now called The Modern Women’s Guide to Domestic Bliss after several name changes and redesigns. But it turns out turning out The Modern Women’s Guide to Domestic Bliss wasn’t that blissful.

This is what domestic bliss looks like.

The book was supposed to come out before last Christmas, but politics that were well and truly out of my hands delayed it. I would have liked for it to come out for Mother’s Day instead, but that didn’t happen either, so it’s out June 1. It’s been edited by me a million times and should read really well. Whether it sells well at this time of year is another story.

I’m a bit nervous about its debut. I tend to not be very pleased with my finished products (lots of writers are the same; it’s about doing the writing, not the seeing it out in the public) and I’m super-critical of my own work. I’m also not completely in love with the cover. But I’m going to do a few interviews and things to promote it over the next month. I should also, I think, do a giveaway here on Kiwi. Apple. Kiwi. Right?

If you’d like to be in to win one copy of The Modern Woman’s Guide to Domestic Bliss, tell me the worst domestic disaster you’ve ever had in your kitchen, garage, bathroom, garden or while attempting DIY. The funniest/most shocking/embarrassing tale to be posted in the comments section before the day the book hits bookshops – June 1 – will win a copy.

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  1. Congrats to you! So exciting. And cute idea. I am domestically disabled, though, so don’t even think I have a disaster story as I rarely attempt to BE domestic. 🙂

    Instead, I will BUY your book. Good luck!

    May 23, 2013
  2. carol mcdonnell #

    Congratulations! Where is it being published? NZ or here in the States?

    May 23, 2013
  3. Heather #

    We had business guests for a “fondue” dinner and I had spent all day standing in the kitchen making sauces for the “big important dinner guests”. I was 7 months pregnant having second baby.
    Half way through the dinner I thought I had “done it”. Then asked the ever handy husband to re-heat some more oil as everyone was eating well. He did this but forgot , it boiled over and the kitchen caught on fire. We had the Johnsonville and Khandallah fire engines much to the neighbours horror as they were all up to speed that we were having this “important” dinner. !! The dessert course was canned and we just ended up( after the fire was put out) having drinks with the firemen as everyone new them. Much damage was done to the kitchen so I got a ” new ” one ! Have not had the guests back !! No more fondues.

    May 23, 2013
  4. Grizz #

    Congrats Kirsten – look forward to reading it

    May 23, 2013
  5. [email protected] #

    Don’t think I can beat Heather! Look forward to the book release.

    May 24, 2013
  6. Philly Rillstone #

    Well done you – I can imagine it will be a top seller and something I would use most often, especially the stain removal guide!

    May 25, 2013
    • Thanks Phil. I’m your girl if you need stain removal – can help you get ANYTHING out now.

      May 27, 2013
  7. I don’t know if this counts as domestic siaster, but my roast dinner did have to go in the bin that night … My husband and I had a newish pup (a couple of months old). The husband was outside playing with him, chasing him on the deck one evening while I was cooking a roast. At one point I heard a thud, then the dog came flying inside and hid under the kitchen table, shaking. I stormed outside, demanding to know what the husband had done to the dog, to find the husband firmly lodged IN the deck with blood pouring from his face. The other side of the story was that my 100kg+ husband had stood on the end of a dodgy deck board that had sprung up, just as they do in the cartoons and smacked him in the face (yes, we had to have him stitched back together – his knee, which ended up lodged between deck-boards also required some attention). Unfortunately, such was the game, the dog was only about a board length ahead of my husband so was on the end of the board that sprung up … so puppy went hurtling through the air and across the section. I have a few more, but that’s one of our best. The husband still holds it against me that I was more concerned about the dog. And the roast 🙂

    May 25, 2013
  8. Scotty #

    When I was living in a flat in London, we had a small BBQ on our balcony. The Baby Weber used disposible gas bottles which kept running out so I decided to upgrade to a normal gas bottle. I hooked it up and all seemed good, so tested it out. The BBQ lit and for a few seconds all was well…. then suddenly the connection caught alight and flames were everywhere including through the rubber hose with the gas. In a panic I grabbed a towel and tried to put it out, but couldn’t as there were too many flames. I then thought the whole thing was going to blow and so ran to the back of the flat to get away. At the back of the flat I thought I cant let the front of the apartment block blow off, I need to get it off the balcony. I ran back to throw the lot off the second floor balcony and as I was picking up the gas cylinder saw the ‘off ‘ valve. The turn of a knob and the gas/ flames stopped and disaster averted. I then lay down before my heart also stopped. I have since learned you test gas connections with fairy liquid and not a match! Maybe that was in the instructions, but who reads them?

    May 25, 2013
  9. Ngaire #

    Years ago I went to a series of gourmet cooking classes. The tutor was a well known local guy and he would cook the dish giving us pointers along the way, and we would be making it at the same time under his guidance. Food processors had not been around long (yes it was a long time ago!) and I didn’t have one at home. I forget the dish we were making this particular night but we had to process the lamb until it was a certain consistency. He said, “You will know you have got the right texture by the feel of it.” Everyone seemed to do it with no problem but for some reason mine just seemed wrong and I was afraid of over-working it. I put up my hand for some help and when he asked me how he could help I said, “Could I feel your meat?”
    Oh the embarrassment!

    May 28, 2013
    • You are so funny Ngaire. Can just imagine you doing that – and your face after you realised what you’d said!

      May 29, 2013

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