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We Have a Winner

Well the pickings in the ‘Who has had the biggest disaster in the home’ competition were slim, but I loved that they all involved emergency services, potential loss of life, a trip to Accident & Emergency, and in Ngaire’s case, a sexually-innapropriate moment. It’s a great indicator of the types of friends I gravitate to.

Before I announce the winner, I should say that someone asked me, on the radio, this week what my biggest household disaster had ever been and I struggled to come up with an answer. I must have had plenty over the past 20 years, but I think I’ve blocked them from my memory. In the end, all I could come up with was the time I looked after The Big C’s kids in New York while she went on a holiday to Hawaii and one of them set the apartment on fire. It wasn’t really my fault per se, but it was pretty disastrous. (The worst thing wasn’t the fire engines coming, the fact that all the neighbours came out of their apartments to rubberneck or the blind panic I went into, it was calling Hawaii to say, ‘Hey, just so you know…there’s been a tiny wee fire’.)

Anyway, I digress. The winner of a copy of my book has to be ‘Heather’ whose husband started an oil fire in the kitchen (seriously men, can we not ask you to do one thing in our pursuit of domestic bliss?) while she was entertaining his work colleagues while seven month’s pregnant. Well done you and congratulations – a copy of The Modern Woman’s Guide to Domestic Bliss is on its way to you this week.

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  1. Heather #

    Thank you very much. I am sure I shall enjoy the read. x Ra

    June 2, 2013

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