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Sticker Shock

I know I’ve banged on on this blog over the past two years about how expensive New Zealand is. When I first arrived to live at Disco Farm, I was gobsmacked at $5 for a carton of milk, $4 for a lettuce and $3-something for a small bottle of water. After living in a town where there are millions of savvy shoppers to keep the prices low, where you pay very little for almost everything, including restaurant meals, supermarket staples, bikini waxes and petrol, it was quite a shock that here, on an island at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, you pay a fortune even for things that are made here (like milk and cheese).

But in the last month or so I’ve noticed my sticker shock has abated.

I’m no longer outraged when my weekly shopping bill equals $179 (for lots of veges, one piece of meat, some loo roll and NO wine). It seemed reasonable to pay $14 for a four minute taxi ride last night. Worse, the other day I looked at a dress made by a local designer the other day and said to myself, ‘$500; that’s not bad’.

Clearly I’ve lost my mind. Or just drunk the Kiwi Kool-aid. Either way I’ll be having a word with myself this weekend; perusing my US designer sale sites for a bit of a reality check on what a dress should really cost; and walking home from dinner parties rather than calling a cab.

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  1. Ngaire #

    Firstly, and most importantly, why buy bottled water? We have beautiful water here in NZ. Secondly, I agree about the price of milk – it is absurd when coca cola is half the price for twice as much.

    July 13, 2013
  2. I know, I HATE buying water. But sometimes I go to the gym without my water bottle and have to buy!

    July 13, 2013

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