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Occupational Hazards

There are some real perks to my job. I get to go to great parties. Parties to launch products and buildings and restaurants and fashion collections. Parties where they serve good fizz and arancini balls (everyone’s doing arancini balls this season – what’s with that?). Parties where I get to eat things like this:



And I get to stand around in rooms as gorgeous as this:


The new Sugar Club.

Lined with velvet like this:


Silky smooth.

Actually that party wasn’t so much fun. Yes, there was Tattinger on tap, but it was 52 floors up and the glass-bottomed elevator that took me up there made me want to heave all over the velvet-lined walls before crawling out of there on my hands and knees.

And it doesn’t really matter how much fun they are; they’re never as fun as the weekends when I get to do this:


Me and Wolfie.



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  1. Spied you in the society column of a newspaper recently ! I agree with your sentiments expressed here. One can go to many cocktail parties… but an enjoyable time spent with a child can not compare, the sponteneity and joy can not be surpassed in my books.We must catch up again sooner, rather than later.

    August 8, 2013

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